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How to place an order for a Park?

We only deliver to parks when a jumper/bounce house is rented. We are not able to deliver only tables and chairs. Tables and chairs only are available for customer pick up from our warehouse located at 7009 Rosecrans Ave Paramount, CA 90723.

1. Click here to start an online quote. Select the date of your event, delivery time, pick up time and other event info. Make sure the order is under permit holder's name.

2. Add your rentals to your cart. Include a generator.

3. Once you get to the checkout page. DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT. Click on the "Send Quote" button and an email quote will be emailed to you. This helps you see the total price and the list of rentals in a formal quote. If a deposit is paid, we will be forced to cancel the reservation until we receive a copy of the park permit and ID/DL and then, and only then, can we re-instate the reservation. All deposits/payments are non-refundable. We only issue rainchecks.

4. Once you have your park permit. Email to us by replying to the email quote you received. Attach a high resolution photo of your front page of your permit and also you ID or driver's license. (Permit Holders name on permit and ID/DL must match).

5. Once we receive your permit we will call you to collect a 10% deposit and activate your order. Remember, items are not reserved until we collect a deposit. So don't wait until last minute.

6. Once a deposit is collected. Your order is now active and an email confirmation will be sent. Remember for parks, you must be at the park at least 1 hour before your selected delivery time, to accept delivery unless a specific time was selected instead of a delivery window upon booking.

Email your park permit/photos of permit holder's ID or Driver's License to:

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Check real time availablity by date and create yourself a formal quote.
Q.What Parks do you deliver to?
A.We are currently only servicing parks for cities of: Long Beach, Signal Hill, Paramount, Bell, Bell Gardens, Santa Fe Springs, Cerritos, Rossmoor, Los Alamitos and LA County Parks .
Q.What do I need to do to make a reservation for a park?
A.1. Create yourself an online quote. 2. Reply to email quote with your permit and ID/DL. 3. We will call you to collect 10% deposit and activate your order.
Q.How early do you deliver?
A.Delivery and pick up times are up the customer, but delivery can be up to 1 hour earlier and pick up up to 1 hour later, based on drivers route. So you must be at the park at least 1 hour before your schedule delivery time. If you want the driver to arrive at the specific time, and not earlier we do charge a specific fee of $25.
Q.Does the driver call the day of delivery?
A.Yes, our drivers will call you when they are on their way; and again when they arrive so you can guide them to your exact location of the park where you are at. If you need to get a hold of the driver, please call our office (562)841-7719.
Q.Do you have insurance?
A.Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. The parks we normally work with already have our insurance info on file, and we have a contract with them to be an approved vendor so its much easier for you to obtain a permit. All you need is a permit and you are ready to book your rental with us for the park.
Q.Is there a fee for the park permit?
A.Yes, all parks charge a permit fee that has to be paid by the customer to the park or city. Each city charges different depending on the size of party and location. Please contact the park or city to get the permit fee from them.
Q.Do I need a Generator?
A.With all Jumper rentals with us, we require a generator rental from us, for all park orders. No exceptions. Parks don't have electricity and this is required to power the inflatable(s).
Q.If we finish early can we have earlier pick up?
A.If you finish early, you can call our office, even if its after hours, and press "0" to get transferred to our Warehouse Supervisor on duty and request an earlier pick up. The supervisor will then contact your driver, and see if they can pick up earlier. It is not guaranteed, but we will try to make the accommodation.
Q.What happens if, I have issues with my rentals after business hours?
A.If you have any issues with any rental, even if its after hours, please call our office and select "0" to get transferred to a Warehouse Supervisor to assistance. We are always here to help, especially for urgent matters regardless of the time of day.
Q.How do I pay the balance?
A.If there is a balance on delivery, the drivers only collect Cash. They also do not carry change, so please have exact cash. All credit card payments must be paid at least 48-hours before delivery date. Checks are not accepted.
Q.What is the latest I can have a jumper rental at a park?
A.The latest pick up times we offer for park rentals is 5:30pm during daylight savings time (November-March), and 6:30pm for months (April-October).
Q.How do I get a Permit for Cerritos?
A.Exclusions: No Jumpers bigger than 15x15, No combos of any size allowed. No canopies allowed. No water slides or dunk tanks.
Permit Required: Yes, must go to the park office where you want to have your event and get a permit
Office: 18125 Bloomfield Ave Cerritos, CA 90703
Phone: 562-860-0311
Note: City needs to receive invoice 2 weeks prior to day event.
NOTES: All Cerritos Parks require specific delivery time and pick up times, and will include a $25 specific delivery/pick-up time fee per city requirements.
Q.How do I get a permit for Long Beach?
A.Exclusions: Notes: No water slides, dunk tanks, joust, sumo suits, wrecking ball, boxing rings.
Permit Required: Yes
Office: 2760 Studebaker Rd Long Beach, CA 90815
Phone: office 562-570-3111 / fax 562-570-3113
Vendors List Website:
Q.How do I get a permit for Paramount?
A.Exclusions: No water slides or jumpers over 20'x20', must be a city of Paramount resident. Must rent generators and can not use city outlets.
Permit Required: Yes
Office: 15300 Downey Ave Paramount, CA 90723
Phone: 562-220-2121
Q.How do I get a permit for Signal Hill?
A.Exclusions: No water slides, no jumpers bigger than 20'x20' Drivers not allowed to drive on grass. All set ups of jumpers must be no grass, no hard surfaces like cement allowed. Must set up at least 10' away form any object.
Permit Required: Yes, must apply at city hall
Office: 2175 Cherry Ave Signal Hill, CA 90755
Phone: 562-989-7330
Q.How do I get a permit for Rossmoor?
A.Exclusions: No water slides , no build-able canopies are allowed, only pop up canopies allowed.
Permit Required: Yes
Office: 3001 Blume Dr Rossmoor, CA 90720
Phone: office 562-430-3707
Q.How do I get a permit for Bell?
A.Exclusions: Only regular sized jumpers allowed. No obstacles or mechanical rides. No water slides or dunk tanks. Tents only allowed with Hall Rental no bigger than 60x60.
Permit Required: Yes
Office: 6250 Pine Ave Bell, CA 90201
Notes: Only sandbags are allowed on inflatables. Must rent a generator, no exceptions from rental company.
Phone: office 323-773-1596

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