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LED Uplights Battery Powered (6 Lights)
LED Uplights Battery Powered (6 Lights)


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Rent our LED Uplights to help decorate your next special event. Uplight is a cost effective way to illumintae walls, draping and canopies with bright LED lights.  

  • Single Solid Color Run time: 24 hours
  • Double color Run time: 14 hours
  • All colors Run time: 8 hours
  • Recharge time: 4 hours
  • Each LED is a 6-in-1 RGBWA+UV (Red, Green, Blue, white, Amber + Ultra Violet)
  • Easy to operate with the digital display, remote control, DMX controller, built in programs, and sound activated Mode
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Built in rechargeable battery allows you to use the lights without plugging them in making your setup 100% wireless
  • Light source: 3 LEDs/ 6 Watts each LED
  • Includes all-in-one charging station and travel case


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