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Donkey Kong Arcade Game

Donkey Kong Arcade Game

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Lookging for an Arcade Rental? We have Arcade Game Machines for Rent! Rent this Arcade Game for your next special Event. It is a Donkey Kong themed arcade and its loaded with 19 different games. Great for any special event. 
Note: All arcade Games must be set up indoors or under a tent/canopy. To have the best screen view they can not be in direct sunlight. 
Game List:

1. Super Mario Bros

2. The Simpsons

3. Super Sidekick 2

4. NBA Jam

5. Ninja Turles: Turtles in Time

6. Punch Out

7. Golden Axe: The revenge of death adder

8. Centerpide

9. Metal Slug 3

10. Wrestle Mania

11. Rolling Thunder

12. Tetris

13. Tron

14. Star Wars: Trilogy

15. Donkey Kong

16. Donkey Kong Jr

17. Space Invaders

18. Dig Dug

19. Sonic 2: The headgehog

20. Blits 99

Ages: Suitable for all ages
Dimensions: 24″W x 30″L x 60″H 
Electrical: 1 electrical outlet needed

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