Bartender Services for Hire



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Hire a professional bartender for your next special event. Our bartners will serve your guests what ever your drink menu is. Customer must provide all drinks and supplies we will only provide the service of serving. We also rent LED portable bars, cocktail tables, bar stools, ice coolers, beverage tubs, margarita machines and much more. To view our Bar Equipment Rental Equipment click here. Bartender will provide basic serving tools such as cutting board, cocktail mixer, bottle opener and tip jar.

Please email us your drink menu for our bartender before your event date. Also provide a printed copy of your menu for your guests to see that can be displayed at the bar to make ordering drinks much easier. Our bartender can also non-alcoholic drinks like soft drinks and water if provided. Rental rate is $250 for 4 hour minimum, with each additional hour at $50 per hour. We would recommend 1 bartender for every 100 guests. 

Discounts do not apply for this service.