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'Arcade Game Marvel vs Capcom
'Arcade Game Marvel vs Capcom


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Regular Price: Up to 8 hours
Overnight Rental 10% more
Rent multiple days and get 50% OFF consecutive days.
Holiday Pricing +30%. Easter Sunday, 4th of July, 4th of July Weekend, Halloween, Halloween Weekend.

1 Day Rental
Up to 8 hours


9-12 Hour Rental

10% More

Rent this classic retro arcade game for you next special event. This game is a classic Marvel vs Capcom themed arecade game rental and includes 20 of the most classic games. Requires 1 outlet. Arcade games must be set up indoors only or under a shadded area when placed outdoors. They can not be set up in direct sunglight.
Game List
1. Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
2. Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting
3. Street Figher 2: Turbo
4. Stree Fighter 2: New Challengers
5. Mortal Kombat 
6. Mortal Kombat 2
7. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
8. Marvel Super Heroes
9. X-Men Children of the Atom
10. The Punisher
11. Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes
12. Final Fight
13. Ghost and Goblins
14. X-Men vs Street Fighter
15. Narc
16. Burger Time
17. Karate Champ
18. Bad Dudes
19. Cavemen Ninja
20. Dragon's Lair


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